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    Regjistrime 2016 - 2017
     The values on which we believe in:


    • Quality in every academic initiative
    • Organization integrity and punctuality
    • Collegiality and participation in
    • Volunteering and responsibility of
    the achievement of educational standards
    • Accountability and academic freedom.
    • Preservation of ethics and
    establishment of credibility.




    7000 students cannot be mistaken!

    2002 marks the opening of the first branch
    in dental assistant program with only 100
    students in the Dentistry program.
    Today we have proudly reached
    the number of 7000 current students,
    a number that shows year by year improvement
    and achievements of Albanian University.

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    7000 STUDENTS
    Promotion and encouragement of
    the best students is another important policy
    of Albanian University, aiming to becoming
    a leader in the field of private education,
    in the preparation of the
    future elites in the fields of politics,
    education, medicine, architecture, law
    finance, psychology, and communication.

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    Policies of "Albanian University"
    A fondamental place in
    Albanian University policies,
    occupies the priority
    given to the employement
    of students in his stuctures,
    student of
    excellence and leadership


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